Looking for neckties

Reposted from Facebook:

When I remodeled the house last March, I threw stuff in boxes pretty quickly and randomly in order to stay ahead of the wave of remodeling crashing on the shore of one room after another.  As a result, I lost track of some things for months.  I still haven’t found a mailing tube full of posters, and some specific books.  Three weeks ago, while getting dressed to read at Mass, I couldn’t find my neckties.  They used to hang on a coat rack in the dining room, but the coat rack was damaged and left for dead.  So I did what people have done since caveman times with items they need but don’t use very often.  I put my ties Someplace Safe.  Now as you all know, Someplace Safe is like the Island on Lost.  It moves around so it can’t be located easily.  I searched four closets and a storage room unsuccessfully.  Today I was a reader at Mass again, so last night I went looking again.  I found all my ties, together, where they were supposed to be, hanging in a closet I had searched three times before.  I can only assume that I had been suffering from acute tie blindness, a condition which renders neckwear invisible to the naked eye.  Please give generously to the American Tie Blindness Association.  Because a tie is a terrible thing to wear, and no one should have to search for two hours to find one.

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