Strangers say the darndest things

Today, one of my coworkers shared part of a conversation he had with his teenage son.

Son: I have rights!

Father: You have the rights I decide you have.  I run a benevolent dictatorship.

Son: I don’t know what that means!

This amused me, and got me thinking about other snippets of conversation I’ve overheard:

– at the optometrist:

Woman: These frames are all unisex, aren’t they?

Optician: For women, yes.  Men don’t have that luxury.

– at work

Man in hallway: He’s right, but I’m not gonna agree with him!

– also at work

Engineer in break room: The speed of light is just too slow! (Not as sarcasm, as an engineering problem)

– and my favorite, as a man and his two sons left Burger King

Older son (age 7 or so, taunting): Dad, Tommy has an ex-girlfriend!

Tommy (age 4 or so, with great righteous indignation): I do NOT have an ex-girlfriend!

It took all my willpower not to stop the boys and ask them, “What do you think an ex-girlfriend is?”

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