Something to ad?

Advertising is hard.  You have to find that balance between blatantly lying and saying things which don’t sell products.

I thought about this today as I saw a commercial for Kay Jewelers.  Their slogan as far back as I can remember is “Every kiss begins with Kay”.  A cute little play on words in English.  But how does Kay advertise on, say, Univision?  They can’t do a straight translation, “Cada beso comienza con Kay”.  Because it doesn’t.  In Spanish, every kiss begins with “b”.  And if you advertise that way, you take the company name out of the slogan, and end up with a spelling lesson, which has been shown to be 63% less effective at selling jewelry.

The current Subaru ad campaign insists that “love” is what makes a Subaru a Subaru.  This just makes me think of an auto factory in Japan staffed entirely by sweaty, underpaid Care Bears.

The Syfy Channel’s slogan is “Imagine Greater”.  I’m sure someone in Marketing got an award for thinking that one up.  It sounds all imaginative and great and stuff.  Unfortunately, when you tack it onto the ending credits, you get this: “Next on Syfy — Ghost Hunters.  Imagine greater.”  By the time I’m done imagining things greater than another fake ghost show, it’s already time for Ghost Hunters International.

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