Truth in uniforming

I consider myself to be an intelligent man.  I admit to being a bit of an optimist where people are concerned, but that’s because people on the whole have better things to do than be gratuitously evil, and the ones who are tend to stand out.  So I tend to take people at their word, until I have reason not to.

But people lie.  They lie to themselves.  They lie because the truth is embarrassing.  They lie because not knowing the truth is embarrassing.  They lie because it’s cheaper or easier in the short run.

I maintain my optimism in life because I choose my personal relationships well.  I don’t worry about my friends lying to me, because if they do, either 1) it’s not about anything important or b) they’re good enough at it that I don’t catch them.  I can forgive the first, and respect the second.

But I have a harder time with bad lies.  If you’re going to be dishonest, at least respect me enough to put some effort into the lie, so I can at least wonder about it.  I explained this to someone by saying, “If you’re going to tell me the sky is green, at least do it inside, where I can’t look up.”

I only bring this up because when I went to the grocery store earlier today, all the employees were wearing t-shirts which read “So Glad You’re Here!”  And from the universally sullen, surly faces that greeted me, I’m a little suspicious.  But I’m hopeful that it was simply a mix-up at the t-shirt factory.

I like to think that there’s a church picnic somewhere this weekend where everyone’s wearing shirts that say, “Welcome to Kroger!”

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