Mysteries of Life

Mysteries of Life

On the first floor of my building, across from the elevators, there is a mural on the wall. Since my team moved into the building a month ago, we have had some discussion about the mural. It is a picture of a town or village at the foot of a range of snow-capped mountains.

I work in a Raleigh-based remote site of a Silicon Valley company. There are no snow-capped mountains in the Raleigh-Durham area, so it’s not a local picture. The general consensus from people (including myself) who have been there is that this is not Silicon Valley. My company doesn’t have any sites in the Rockies, Alps, or Himalayas (to my knowledge). My best guess is that it’s a village somewhere in Narnia or Mordor, possibly northern Romulus.

In front of the mural at the right are three floor-to-ceiling glass panels, each with a photograph. As I was leaving work today, the combination of Y-chromosomes and new glasses brought my attention to the photograph shown above.

(Disclaimer 1: We have been in this building for a month. I use the elevator almost every day. I have never seen this picture before. I like to call it “laser focus”. I have also had trees disappear and reappear from my front yard without my noticing. My focus is really lasery.)

(Disclaimer 2: If my life were on the line, I swear I couldn’t tell you what the other two pictures are.)

The other thing I can’t tell you is why this picture is in our lobby. I don’t know who the woman is, where the picture was taken, or why it appears in our lobby. I can only assume she is on her way to sell networking equipment to a local rutabaga vendor somewhere in Narnia. Or Mordor. Or Northern Romulus. (I can’t narrow it down more than that, because I can’t read the writing in pink lipstick on the windows.)

About the only thing I can tell you is that the woman in the picture looks about 23 years old to me.

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