Monkey Moves Robot Using Mind Control

Monkey Moves Robot Using Mind Control

One of the few ideas worse than giving superpowers to nerds is giving monkeys mind control powers. Another is giving monkeys mind control power over robots. For every cute and cuddly chimpanzee or Touchdown Monkey you might encounter (Disclaimer: chimps are NOT cuddly), there is a Dr. Zaius or Gorilla Grodd (pictured) waiting to enslave mankind.

Just a friendly suggestion: STOP GIVING SUPERPOWERS TO APES!

This never works out well for humanity.

Disclaimer 1: In a simian-controlled future, humans will be forced to care that apes and monkeys are different things.

Disclaimer 2: If you think U.S. law is screwed up, take a look at the complexity of Ape Law:

Section 1: Laws against Murder

a) Ape shall never kill ape.
b) Ape shall never kill monkey.
c) Monkey shall never kill ape.
d) Monkey shall never kill monkey.

…and so on.

(Click on the picture to read the original article.)

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