Yes, we have no dry ice

The building I work in is being closed for the long weekend while they install new air conditioning units for the labs.  We have been told for weeks that the power would be off this weekend, and that if we wanted to work on Friday (not a holiday), we should either work from home or go to one of the other buildings on the campus.

We have refrigerators in all the break rooms in our building, so that people can bring their lunches to work.  On the first Friday of every month (coincidentally tomorrow) the refrigerators are cleaned, and anything left inside is thrown out.  So the problem of leaving stuff in the refrigerator over the long weekend pretty much solves itself.

Yesterday, as a reminder, they put up signs at all the elevators and stairwells reminding us of the power outage.  But they included a warning in bright red letters:

This will affect the refrigerators!

This is a helpful warning, as many highly educated computer professionals might not be aware that refrigerators run on electricity, or that electrical appliances are affected by the lack of electricity.  Perhaps our refrigerator is wireless.  Or maybe it runs on telepathy.  (Think cold thoughts, everyone!)

Curiously, none of the warning signs appear on or near the refrigerator.  Maybe it doesn’t know what’s coming…

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