Tectonic plate smashing

Tectonic plate smashing

Meanwhile, in space hooligan news, an attempt by the Kompsat-2 satellite to take pictures of the Crab Nebula was disrupted today when the Andes Mountains of southern Peru jumped in front of the satellite’s camera.

Reports from nearby Chile indicated that the attention-starved mountains were waving at the satellite and shouting “Andes #1!” and “Alps Suck!”. Kompsat-2 was unable to corroborate the claims, since it was in space, and no one could hear them scream.

Representatives of the Rocky Mountains denied any involvement in the incident, claiming the Andes are “a completely different mountain range”.

Kompsat-2 is a South Korean satellite launched in 2006 for a 3-year mission to “observe North Korean military activity” in South America, according to Wikipedia. Its spokesman said that Kompsat-2 started taking space pictures in 2009 to kill time while waiting its overdue fiery demise upon reentry. The satellite announced that it would devote its golden years to monitoring the heavens in the general direction of Gliese 526, “just in case”.

(Click on the picture to read the original article.)

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