News of our world that arrives weekly

News of our world that arrives weekly

Meanwhile, in unprovable theories news, mathematicians in Scotland believe in invisible self-replicating robotic space probes from aliens.

The Daily Mail summarizes the astounding mathematical analysis:

  • “could already be”
  • “probably so hi-tech they appear invisible”
  • “we don’t have technology advanced enough to detect them”
  • “could have launched”
  • “could have sent”
  • “could travel through space”
  • “could be in our solar system”
  • “we have not seen any of these probes”
  • “we haven’t seen probes of this type”
  • “difficult to believe”
  • “would only need to travel”
  • “They think”
  • “used computing power to inform their predictions”
  • “might not sound out of place in a sci-fi novel”
  • “mathematically possible”
  • “does not explain why”
  • “have not been in touch”
  • “We can conclude”
  • “can indeed explore the Galaxy”
  • “They muse”
  • “would have been programmed”
  • “could look like”
  • “might already exist”
  • “without us knowing”
  • “we haven’t looked for them hard enough”
  • “The Scottish mathematicians draw on NASA space expert”
  • “supposes that”
  • “appear invisible to us”
  • “believes”
  • “could be set up”
  • “Only when a test is met”
  • “evidence of broken probes is unlikely”
  • “would be skilled engineers”
  • “He thinks”
  • “would send probes”

Disclaimer: It may or may not be possibly a consideration to speculate that the mathematicians might conceivably be in error, but one could surmise that maybe any conjecture about that possibility would have no evidence to support such a musing.  Or not.

(Click on the picture to read the original article.)

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