A very, very, very fine fossil

A very, very, very fine fossil

In architectural paleontology news, old tensions have resurfaced between the governments of Egypt and Wyoming over whose building is older. At issue is a dispute over the relative ages of the Pyramids of Giza and the Fossil House of Carbon County, a structure reportedly made of dinosaur bones.

The Fossil Cabin (pictured above, behind the child’s painting) was assembled in 1933 as a tourist attraction. The site was considered “a relic of a bygone era of motorized travel” by the National Registry of Historic Places (NRHP), which classified the cabin as a “petting zoo / building made of dinosaur bones”, which confused motorized travelers who didn’t want to pet old bones, and complained that these were the wrong dinosaur parts to gas up with. The building narrowly avoided destruction in 1970 when traffic from Route 30 was dropped in the area, wiping out 82 businesses.

The conflict with the Egyptian government was sparked by a 1938 proclamation by Wyoming Governor Leslie Miller, calling the cabin “The Oldest Building in the World”. News of this reached the Egyptian government last week, which elicited a strong official condemnation. “We wholeheartedly dispute these scurrilous claims from Wyoming. The Great Pyramid at Giza was built over 4500 years ago. This bone house was built in 1933! How can it be older?”

Governor Miller, who died in 1970, did not respond to our request for an interview. A spokesman from the University of Wyoming explained the state’s position. “The real question is not what was built when. Fossil Cabin is made of dinosaur bones, which are at least 65 million years old. The Pyramids are made of rocks, and everyone knows that the first rock is only a few thousand years old. Earth rocks were brought here from Mars by space dinosaurs looking for water and molybdenum. How can rocks be older than dinosaurs?”

Egypt issued a strongly worded response, accusing the Wyomingians of pursuing forbidden experiments in Whereabouts Made of Dinosaurs (WMDs), and promised swift retaliation if the practice continued.

A spokesman for the NRHP, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was behind in his Registry dues, explained that recent advances in osteoarchitecture revealed that the entire house was in fact a single dinosaur skeleton. “Earlier attempts at carbon-14 dating the structure were complicated by the high concentrations of carbon in the county. Now that we’re moving it to North Carolina, we’re able to get more accurate readings.”

The new dinosaur species, tentatively named Houseasaurus wyomingus, is believed by some to be the elusive seventh species of dinosaur.

For security purposes, the Fossil Cabin is being moved to an undisclosed location in Orange County, North Carolina, down the street from the Grocery Boy, Jr. on Highway 54.

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7 thoughts on “A very, very, very fine fossil

  1. 🙂 🙂 “…….everyone knows that the first rock is only a few thousand years old. Earth rocks were brought here from Mars by space dinosaurs looking for water and molybdenum. How can rocks be older than dinosaurs?”

  2. Write it? Yes. Research? Depends on your definition. I did go look up who was governor of Wyoming in 1938. All the stuff about the Fossil Cabin is a “colorful” interpretation of the original news item, which you can see by clicking on the photo. (I really hope the clicking part is obvious to people, or most of my blog is not going to make sense…)

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