Stork, Stork, Goose

Stork, Stork, Goose

As I was going into work this morning, I noticed that a pair of parking spaces near the building entrance were reserved for expectant mothers.  Coincidentally, we have had two pregnant women in our building over the past few months.

While I applaud the company for the courtesy offered to these women,  I am ambivalent about perpetuating the idea that babies arrive by avian messenger.  (Disclaimer: I am adamantly opposed to depicting the “miracle of birth” accurately in a parking space.)

But I take strong exception to one thing.  That is not a stork.  Storks have long legs, like pickles, sound like Rich Little doing his Groucho Marx impression, and spy on Egypt until they are killed and/or eaten. That is a picture of a duck delivering take-out food.  Or possibly a pelican with a prosthetic throat sac.  But definitely not a stork.

(Disclaimer: You would think with that throat sac thingy, pelicans would be a far better choice for deploying babies.  Just goes to show you how much pull the stork lobbyists have with Big Maternity.)

Editor’s note: The description of storks above is meant to describe storks as having long legs AND liking pickles, not having long legs THAT LOOK like pickles, or having THE SAME KIND of long legs as pickles do.  Pickle legs are completely unlike stork legs.  We regret any confusion, and wish to extend an apology to our friends in the stork and pickle communities.

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