Merry-going-round in circles

Merry-going-round in circles

(Warning: The following post contains experiences which may be too intense for some audiences.  Reader discretion is advised.)

There’s a scene in the classic Marx Brothers movie Animal Crackers where Chico Marx is sitting playing the piano while Groucho sits nearby.  As the scene progresses, Chico keeps playing the same line over and over again, and has this exchange with Groucho:

Chico: I can’t think of the finish.
Groucho: That’s strange — and I can’t think of anything else.

I was at the grocery store after church this morning, and as I was walking past the milk, I came upon a little girl, maybe 4 years old (Disclaimer: too young to look 23). She was hanging off the end of her mother’s shopping cart, and singing to herself. This was the song she was singing, to the tune of the children’s tune “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”:

Merry-go-round, merry-go-round
Merry-go-round, merry-go-round
Merry-go-round, merry-go-round

Since then, I’ve had a couple thoughts:

  • While this child was absolutely adorable, her little ditty sounds exactly like the eerie refrain you would hear in an 80’s horror film, right before the unstoppable “Merry Go Round Killer” eviscerated some unsuspecting teenager.
  • I don’t know who I felt more sorry for: me for having this song stuck in my head, or the little girl, who, much like Chico, was stuck on the same word, and couldn’t think of the finish. I finally settled on feeling most sorry for her mother.

(Disclaimer: I warned you.  As a sorbet for the brain, here’s the Marx Brothers.)

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