Cats like us

Cats like us

In feline primatology news, cat researchers have determined that your human sees cats as small, furry humans.

Professor Gadget McWhiskers of the Siamese Institute in Persia, who spent two years embedded with a human colony, or “family”, discovered that many of the behaviors documented by him and his team mirror aspects of interactions among humans.

“Many of the bizarre behaviors cats normally associate with people can be interpreted by understanding the way humans see cats.  For example, when a human inexplicably rubs the palm of his hand down your back, he is mimicking their weird interpersonal touching ritual known as ‘human contact’.

He notes that humans were never bred for aloofness the way cats are.

According to Princess Snugglebug, a graduate student and member of the McWhiskers research team (seen above working on her doctoral thesis), humans will often carry a spray bottle filled with water, which they use to clean the cat with a shower of falling water, much as humans clean themselves.

Some humans will treat a cat as if it were one of its offspring, sometimes going so far as to carry the feline around, or give him a name like “No” or “Getdown”.  Adult humans often give names to their young, in the hope that they will eventually come when you call them.

Humans are also prone to form more collaborative feline relationships.  One human female conducted a comprehensive interview with Professor McWhiskers in order to complete her research project on who’s a good kitty.  Coincidentally, it turned out to be Professor McWhiskers himself.

The Siamese Institute is planning additional research projects in the future, including a full immersion study where a team (pictured below) will attempt to live undetected as humans, blending in to explore exotic human rituals, including standing on street corners, middle management, weddings, and the bizarre human penchant for wearing things around their necks..

?????????????????????????????????????????????????cat in tieCat-Bride-and-Groomcat dressed up

The results will be published in the Tabby Journal of Humanology later this year.

(Click on the picture at the top to find out what cats think of humans.)

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