One of these things is not like Superman

One of these things is not like Superman

Earlier this evening, I was at the local Hallmark store picking up a Father’s Day card.  Also in the store were a tattoo-covered 20-something man and his 4-something daughter.  They were standing by a shelf full of glasses with logos (Carolina Panthers, Iron Man, etc.)  As I walked past them, I heard this conversation:

Girl (holding a Wonder Woman glass): Who’s that?
Father: Wonder Woman.
Girl: Who’s she?
Father: She’s like Superman, but she’s a girl.

My first thought was, “Ummm, no, you’re thinking of Supergirl.”  But I remained silent.  To a 4-year old, Wonder Woman is approximately Supergirl.  The difference is round-off error.

A little while later, I walked past the same father and daughter.  This time, the girl was holding two small plush dolls* in her hands, one of Ariel and one of Cinderella. (Disclaimer: Picture below is for comparison purposes only. Your dolls may vary.)


The conversation went like this:

Girl: Which one should I get?
Father: Whichever one you want.
Girl: Just pick one!
Father: Ariel.
Girl (putting down the Cinderella doll): OK, but if you change your mind, we’re not coming back!

This is why I love children.

(Disclaimer: To a 4-year old girl, whatever subtle differences exist between Ariel and Cinderella are of the utmost importance.  As a 52-year old man, to me it’s round-off error.)

* From the Belle Collaboration collection of Hot and Bright Disney Heroines.

3 thoughts on “One of these things is not like Superman

  1. Although, if there is a hierarchy of superheroes, Wonder Woman manages to be Superman’s equal, whereas Supergirl is somehow secondary and inferior.

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