Playing Without Fire

For those such as myself who enjoy their humor clean, smart, and vaguely ersatz (and who know what “ersatz” means), it is my pleasure to introduce you to the very splendid and worthwhile Joseph Nebus’s Sense of Humor. Joseph blogs about subjects across the spectrum of human experience, from accounts of his contentious interactions with a pet rabbit, to speculative history where Eisenhower fought the Cold War with miniature phonographs, to personal statistics regarding his views on, well, the spectrum. Joseph writes about life and life byproducts in thought-provoking ways, often provoking the thought, “I wish I had written that!”
This post, where Joseph brings new insights to the age-old topic of shopping for tea lights in a store under renovation, showcases what I love about his blog — his gift for turning the ordinary into the hilarious. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: After reading this, I am now consumed by the concept of tea lights as a toy.

Another Blog, Meanwhile

We got a bundle of those battery-operated LED tea lights, the kind that look like candles without those problems of open fire and wax and smoke and stuff. We were going to get just a couple, but we couldn’t find just a couple of battery-powered tea lights because the Meijer we were in is renovating so that nobody can find anything anymore. I walked along the aisles, sinking further into the helpless despair that comes from finding magazines on display next to men’s shirts or houseplants scrunched up a little too close to the mouthwash aisle. Maybe I was overreacting, but I sure felt at parts like I was going to have to survive by eating my own shoes and drinking rainwater out of a fountain drinks cup scavenged from the parking lot. Maybe I need to go to a different Meijer’s until the renovations are done.

It turns out…

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