The hits from coast to coast?


This afternoon, as I was coming home from work, I happened to catch an ad for the weekly Top 40 countdown on SiriusXM’s 90’s on 9 channel.  The spot featured host Downtown Julie Brown(above), my second favorite Julie Brown in the history of MTV.  She previewed the show this way:

“We’ll be counting down the top 40 hits from this week in 1993, featuring artists from the U.S. to the U.K. and literally everywhere in between!”

Setting aside the use of the word “literally”, I looked at a map. The only places “between” the United States and the United Kingdom are Bermuda and the Azores, neither of which are represented in the top 40 for this week in 1993.

(Editor’s note: On the off chance that I was reading the map incorrectly, I looked in the other direction.  A west-to-east line from Seattle to London goes through Russia, Khazakstan, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands.  No denizens of these lands were in the top 40 either.)

* Downtown Julie Brown is probably best known for being the same person as Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown (below), according to people like me who think they sound the same and have never seen them together, or in person.

mel b hat

This is the worst secret identity since this woman:


decided that this look:


was a clever enough disguise to fool this man:


(Disclaimer: She was right.)

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