This blog is the direct result of brain damage.

Let me explain.

On Memorial Day weekend 2011, I had a mild stroke.  That is to say, a very, very small part of my brain starved to death.  I was in the hospital for 3 weeks while the rest of my brain learned which direction was up and how to walk again.  (Spoiler warning: I made an almost complete recovery.  You can read about it here.

While I was in the hospital I kept my friends updated on my status using Facebook.  One of the greatest gifts God gave me is the ability to look at the world and see the funny parts, so that’s what I wrote about.  The funny parts of recovering from a stroke.  After I got out of the hospital, some of my friends, including one in particular who is a professional muse for writers, suggested, “Hey, John, you should write a book!”

I don’t want to write a book.  Or more specifically, I don’t want to do all the things an author has to do.  So at the suggestion of another friend, I decided to start writing this blog, primarily as a repository for the “wit” and “wisdom” that comes out of my damaged brain.  The blog is called A Labor of Like because I’ve always heard that writing should be a labor of love, and I’m just not that into it.  I write to have fun, and to make people laugh and think.

So this blog was originally supposed to be essentially a lot of jokes surrounding some serious essays.  The jokes have pretty much won out so far.  I love to make people laugh.  Making people laugh is just better than making them angry.  I’m capable of both, but somewhere along the line I decided on a motto: “Write the words of a man better than you are, and then try to keep up with him.”

So as you read along, you won’t find a lot of anger, no swearing, and very little ranting about serious things.  What you will find is:

  • A disturbing preoccupation with monkeys taking over the world, and efforts to prevent it
  • A lot of science and technology being mocked, particularly space exploration
  • Personal anecdotes that almost all involve Starbucks and/or Barnes & Noble
  • Occasional medical adventures and the beautiful women they seem to attract
  • An excessive number of running gags (with links to the original jokes, usually)
  • Tons of disclaimers!  (Disclaimer: Disclaimers are mostly pixels, and therefore weightless.)

Share and enjoy!


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