In one year and out the other

(Disclaimer: This post is about me and my blog.  I’m not that interesting.  Go here to read about the recent destruction of the gods at Ragnarok.)

(Disclaimer 2: There’s a thank you to my readers at the bottom of this post.  Skip down there if you’re the type that enjoys a good thanking now and again.)

In random factoid news, today is the one year anniversary of A Labor of Like.  In other words, this blog has outlived its expected lifespan by roughly 500%.

As I have mentioned before, I started this blog as a distraction to keep a certain Muse from tricking me into writing a book.  (I will let Toni remain nameless.)  I expected that I would archive my stroke adventures here, maybe write the occasional anecdote, vent a little bit about things that bug/offend me, and eventually get bored and drift off.

Things didn’t quite work out that way.  In fact, this whole experience has been very different from what I expected.  And I learned some things along the way.

(Disclaimer: My personal lessons may not be interesting to you.  Go here to read about intrepid explorers trapped in a hostile environment.) Continue reading