Noble humor circles


Comedy is a very personal thing.  Different things make some people laugh, while leaving others cold.  My sense of humor tends to revolve around satire and wordplay.  My comedy heroes include Douglas Adams (who had an astounding way with words), Dave Barry (who can manage to set up five jokes at the same time), Steven Wright (who can generate punchlines with no setup at all), and Groucho Marx (who could deliver a joke like no other).

On the other hand, I have no real affinity for slapstick humor.  The one trait I can relate to in women is the inability to see the appeal of the Three Stooges.  And I have a pretty low tolerance for vulgarity, so getting a nervous laugh simply by swearing is wrong to me on many levels.  But even if I don’t share the sentiment, I can understand what makes most people laugh.

And then there’s Christopher, my friend’s 5 year old son.

(Disclaimer: I have not seen Christopher and his mother for many years.  Working from the dates below, today Christopher is about 25 years old.  And yet I’m certain his mother looks 23.)

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Hide and/or Seek

This is the last of my stories about babysitting Christopher, my friend’s 5-year old.  It is also my favorite.

One evening, after having a particularly tiring day at work, I was watching Christopher, and he decided we were going to play hide-and-seek.  All I wanted to do was sit and read the paper, but because Christopher is so entertaining, and so cute, I knuckled under.  Christopher then began to explain the rules of the game to me.

Christopher decided he was going to hide.  So he proceeded to tell me to close my eyes and count to a hundred.  (Sometimes it was a million, sometimes 48.  Christopher didn’t care.)  It didn’t matter, because once Christopher was hidden, he would yell out “Ready or not, here I come!”, which was my signal to stop counting and come find him. Continue reading