Everything old is wood again

Recently I was at my overly techno-savvy dry cleaners, and as I was waiting, I noticed a new sign in the window.  It showed a drawing of a pine tree and said the following:

Plant one on us!

Bring back your used hangers

We’ll recycle them

Now, being highly technologically advanced, my dry cleaner uses the same sophisticated wire hangers you see in the movies and TV.  So I know there are a myriad of other uses for a recycled wire hanger:

  • makeshift car radio antenna
  • wire hanger for different clothes

(Note to self: look up how many uses constitute a “myriad”  It might be more than two.)

But the tree drawing (which looked suspiciously like one of those car air fresheners you hang from the rearview mirror), combined with the words “Plant one on us!”, suggests some connection between hangers and trees.  (Disclaimer: The phrase “plant one on us” could also be a reference to kissing.  The connection between kissing and wire hangers is obvious but unrelated to either trees or air fresheners.)

It seems unlikely that even the most devoted recycling enthusiast is thinking, “Bring me a coat hanger.  I’ll use it again as a coat hanger, and then I’ll go plant a tree somewhere, which I had no intention of doing, but then I amassed a lot of coat hangers.”

So apparently, my dry cleaner has found the magic secret of turning wire into trees.

It almost makes me want to start folding my clothes.  (Disclaimer: Not really.  I’m not very good at it, so it doesn’t help.)