Kids these days

I had a very stressful conversation at work today.  It didn’t start that way.  In fact, I wasn’t even really part of it at first.  But I got dragged in through the following exchange in the next cubicle:

Coworker: Something something gun control something Ted Nugent.

Young coworker: Who’s Ted Nugent?

Me (over cubicle wall): Stop being so young over there!

I am not sensitive about my age.  I’m 51.  I practice the Doctor McCoy philosophy on aging:  “What’s so bad about not having died yet?”  And my contemporaries are a very mixed bag.  I am about 4 weeks younger than Barack Obama (who nobody calls old, in spite of the grey hair), 3 weeks older than Dan Marino (who has been called old since he was 33), and 4 weeks older than Heather Locklear (who I mention only because I’ve had a huge crush on Heather Locklear since Dan Marino was young). Continue reading