A labor of dislike

My sister recently unearthed some lost works from my late mother’s personal art collection. Both of these are from my “Elementary Period” (1967-73).

The first one is a scathing commentary on the cruel hegemony of the construction and paper industries, and their effect on childhood innocence. The giant anime-style eyes betray the deep emotion I felt, as do the cat whiskers. I call it, “Why I Majored in Computer Science and Not Art”.

The second piece is a study in mixed-media expressionism. Notice how the haphazard crayon work dares the viewer to find straight lines and defies conventional notions of what colors go together or what a stained glass window is supposed to look like. I call it, “Untalented Child Seeks NEA Grant”. Truly a work ahead of its time.

Organized Crime-sharing (or, Driving in Vegas, the “Chicago Way”)

“Geez, Mr. Uber, dem’s some awful nice cars youse got dere.  I’m just tinkin’, it would be a shame if dey was to get into some kinda jam, y’know what I’m sayin’?”

I saw this outside the Tropicana Hotel and Casino on the Strip last week.  It’s nice to see the Mafia can still change with the times.

Disclaimer: I refuse to go to their website and ruin the illusion.