Condiment conundrum

Have you ever gone to the grocery store for just ketchup, and walked out with green beans, carrots, asparagus, fruit cocktail, a prescription refill, and no ketchup?

Have you ever gone back to the grocery store an hour later to get ketchup, and walked out with Parmesan cheese, trail mix, and no ketchup?

You can help.

Please give to the American Ketchup Amnesia Society.

Because a hamburger is a terrible thing to garnish with fruit cocktail and trail mix.

Cats like us

In feline primatology news, cat researchers have determined that your human sees cats as small, furry humans. Professor Gadget McWhiskers of the Siamese Institute in Persia, who spent two years embedded with a human colony, or “family”, discovered that many … Continue reading

Grasping at stars

In space orthopedics, images from the Chandra X-ray Observatory have diagnosed the first known case of intergalactic carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The new image shows a condition known as pareidolia, or pulsar wind nebula, a particularly painful type of CTS caused by repeatedly grabbing … Continue reading