Clarification re: Spamming Gliese 526

It has been pointed out to me that an earlier post on the Lone Signal project to send crowd-sourced messages to Gliese 526 indicated that there were no planets orbiting Gliese 526, and yet warned of a possible invasion by the Gliesians.  This was not intended to confirm the existence of hostile sentient life on the surface of Gliese 526 itself.

The statement was intended to warn about the possibility of the signals being intercepted by the GNSA (Gliesian National Security Agency) on neighboring Gliese 527, which may possibly have more hostile intentions that the friendly, peaceloving star dwellers of Gliese 526, whose existence I am still not confirming.

I regret the confusion.

Disclaimer: I would like to welcome the spybots of the National Security Agency, whose attention was attracted by oblique references to the NSA.  As is well known, the NSA is famous for enjoying a little good-natured ribbing from time to time.  Please do not send an IRS drone to my house.